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At Brandsies, we are dedicated to providing you with an exceptional customer experience. We believe that customer service goes beyond
meeting expectations; it’s about creating a memorable journey for each and every customer. Our philosophy revolves around exceeding your expectations and delivering on our valued brand promise.

We not only strive to deliver superior products and extraordinary customer service but also aim to listen to your needs, treat you with respect, and inject a little fun along the way. That’s why you may hear us answering our phones with a smile, whistling while we work, or even honking our horns for no apparent reason. We truly love what we do, and, more importantly, we love serving you.

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Rugsies is dedicated to bringing cleanliness, comfort, and happiness to your home. Our certified technicians specialize in carpet, rug, window treatment, upholstery, and air duct cleaning. We handle both residential and commercial spaces, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum convenience. Experience the expertise and quality service of Rugsies by visiting Rugsies.com.
At SeaGlass our mission is to make customer service more human and unforgettable. With our Video Training Solution, we provide three-minute videos on real-world scenarios and topics. Your team receives these videos on their smartphones or via email, in English and Spanish. We cover one topic per month and provide qualitative and quantitative reporting. Our expert consultants discuss the reports with your team in remote meetings. Just as the sea turns ordinary glass into art, we transform customer experiences.
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Sudsies is your go-to for garment care services. With a focus on couture and designer wear, we treat each garment with the utmost care and attention to detail. From hand-treating and hand-cleaning to hand-repairing and hand-finishing, we preserve the integrity and longevity of your beloved garments. Discover more about Sudsies and its exquisite services by visiting Sudsies.com.
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Sudsies Garment Care University, SGCU, is your one-stop resource for information, tools and resources designed to enhance you experience as a Sudsies team member. Visit www.sudsiesuniversity.com to explore what’s available to you.
Jason Loeb Real Estate is an integral part of Jason Loeb's diverse entrepreneurial portfolio. It is dedicated to strategic real estate investments that aim to create additional opportunities for Jason's various brands to leave a lasting impact on the world.